Green Construction

Green Construction

At Emet Properties, we’re deeply aware of our responsibility to the environment, both locally and globally. That’s why we carefully consider issues like ecological impact, the carbon footprint we create, and the long-term sustainability of the energy solutions we offer our clients.

The Green Building and Green Energy approach not only conserves resources and reduces environmental impact,

but is a vital consideration for another important reason: it enables our clients to save money.

We can offer our clients several alternatives to the traditional energy grid system, which is often erratic as well as being prohibitively expensive.

Some of the energy-saving options include:

Heat Pumps and Building Insulation

Solar Geysers

LED Lighting

Solar Heated Pools

Gas Stoves

Aerolite ceiling insulation

Rain Water Tank Installations

Backup Generators

Electronic Timing Devices

The short-term investment in green energy options like these is small when compared to the long-term expense incurred as power based on fossil fuels and distributed by parastatal energy corporations grows increasingly unpredictable and unreliable. Not only is green energy good for the environment, it makes financial sense.

We are 100 percent committed to allowing for all the latest green technologies and trends. Our architects understand how best to design and to reduce your carbon footprint

History can instruct the present and inspire the future.

- Olusegun Obasanjo