About Us

About Us

Emet is a Hebrew word loosely translated meaning ‘Truth’. As true to the principles we ascribe to of honesty, ethical dealings with our suppliers and customers and providing quality service.

Emet Properties’ aim is to be a partner of choice in the provision of high quality, affordable and sustainable construction services, improving quality of life for the majority of markets we serve.

Our executive team comprises of individuals with skills set in construction project management, legal, corporate finance and marketing.

The company’s primary purpose in society remains the delivery of infrastructure services that enable economic and social development, in a sustainable way. This dual focus helps to ensure a sustainable future for our business – and we are also motivated by employment we create, as we subscribe to the belief that true success is measured by how many people our company positively impacts.

Emet Properties is a subsidiary of Trenvest Holdings.


Be the leading employer and best service provider.



Empower employees by encouraging their professional
growth within the business, ultimate that will affect the company’s performance in the marketplace.





The way it has always been done does not mean is the way it should be done.

Sara Blakely